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Governor Mike Sonko’s Facebook Post About The COVID-19 Sways Waves Internationally.


It is quite noting that the Nairobi Governor, Mike Sonko has been flip flopping on the social media for the better part of the last couple of the months.

The governor has been trending both locally and internationally after his sacred post about the revelation of corona virus went viral.

On his Facebook page, Mike Sonko, revealed that the famous worldwide billionaire Bill Gate had earlier on hinted about the invasion of the virus.

The post reached out to a colossal number of people of 79.9M

According to the Facebook surveys, the post also attracted 400k likes.

The myriad number of likes were sourced internationally.

In a nutshell, the number of viewers shocked the whole world, because the governor’s post meant to break the record set by Bill Gate, whose post attracted 38M viewers.

The multiple number of shares tremendously stir up the reactions from the social media users, because it was quite evident that the governor was the most admired, loved and liked politician worldwide.

According to the statistics, the governor has received so many awards internationally due to his passionate in serving people.

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