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Husband Divorces His Wife For Serving Four Kalenjin Men At One Time.


KENYAN WOMAN whose videos while have sex with FOUR (Kalenjins) , have gone viral claims someone leaked the (videos) after she refused to pay him Sh210,000 bribe.

Harriet Scot who is sex coach in conversation with local blogger said she might take legal action against the person who leaked them.

Three adult male human beings, one willing and expectant adult female homo sapien, and a camera, locked themselves up in a room for an unknown period

Of course their intention wasn’t to discuss coronavirus epidemic or the locuts invasion, but to engage in a very serious horizontal engineering

How one ATM managed three AK 47 assault rifles, remains a mystery that can only be understood by those who have had an opportunity to watch the video.

However, it has been a sad morning to the lady, who is the prime player in video after her husband has officially disbanded her.

The two had three children in their marriage, and according to the man, the wife has showcased a bad reputation to the husband and entire family, thereby earning herself a divorce.

Those in possession of the video, are currently over the moon, feeling so mportant, you’d think they’ve just discovered a cure for the dreaded COVID-19 infection

The good thing is that the video has worked wonders in distracting Kenyans from concentrating in COVID-19 related stress

In other news, we know too well the frequency with which the corruption cartels hatch new scandal. A week barely elapses without an announcement of a brand new hatchling of a multi billion shillings scandal

I doubt COVID-19 has stopped that reggae. It has only managed to grab all the media attention, and behind the scenes, I can assure you, the con men are carting away money in wheelbarrows

To them, this coronavirus confusion has created an aura very ample for looting

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