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Go For A DNA Test, Willy Paul Is The Biological Father Of Your Daughter ~ Kaligraph Jones Tells Bahati


Diana Marua, Bahati’s wife has been trending on social media for rowdy and colossal intruders bombing into her family life.

Before getting married to Kevin Bahati, the gospel singer, it was being rumoured that she was having a secret love affair with Willy Paul.

Willy Paul earlier on slammed the allegations terming them as headless and pure defamations that were conjoined to tarnish his music career.

“My brother Baha knows me well, he is like a brother, a career partner and a friend, so I can’t date my in-law” willy Paul said.

On a contrary, Bahati admitted to have a personal vendetta with his gospel artist counterpart Willy Paul and the two haven’t had smooth and happy moments together.

“Willy Paul ni beshte yangu, although tumekuwa na some misunderstandings for quite long, but sai we are in good terms” Bahati said.

Khaligraph Jones, a Kenyan rapper stirred up the reactions after he claimed that Bahati’s kid, Mueni isn’t his biological daughter.

Khaligraph challenged Bahati to go for a DNA test to ascertain if the kid is his.

According to Jones, the suspected biological father of the kid is willy Paul.

“Go for a DNA test, I can assure you for a fact, you are feeding Willy Paul’s daughter” he said.

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