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Uhuru proposes Maria to be brand ambassador on fight against Corona Virus


Maria is a local Kenyan drama series being aired every weekdays from 7:30pm to 8pm on Citizen Television. It is all about a young girl from the slums who got some accommodation at the home of a wealthy man after the death of her mother. The local show has so many Kenyans who are addicted to it and the following are some of the reasons why many Kenyans like watching the it:


The television show is a local Kenyan show that has a lot of entertainment as it shows two varied lifestyles that is the life in the slums and life in the rich neighbourhood.The show is also entertaining by showing how some gangsters from the slums survive by stealing from people and also how the gang led by Bondi colludes with a police officer and still walk freely without being caught despite the fact that the police officer knows about all their missions.

Slang Language

Most viewers also like watching the show because of the slang language that is spoken majorly by the youths who live in the slums. Maria herself who is the main character also speaks nothing but the unique language together with Fally and Pupa who seem to be the masters of the slang. What impresses people about the slang is the accent that they use in order to make it sound very nice and very attractive.


The actors in the television show have shown and displayed how they have mastered the content. All the actors know their roles and every actor performs his or her role perfectly. The actors are also very articulate in their pronunciation of the words. This has shown a very high level of professionalism among the actors and this has made very many Kenyans to fall in love with the local show.

The Characters of The Show

Another factor that has made many Kenyans to like the local television show are the characters of the show. Characters such as Maria and Lui have always kept many people watching because everybody is eager to know how their love triangle will end in the long run.

Trevor and the detective have also captured the attention of many viewers and many are watching the show every weekday in order to see how the detective will get Trevor and finally come to the bottom line of Sophia’s case.

The television show is of good content and therefore it can be watched by both the children and the parents since it does not have bad content that can cause any harm to the young generation.

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