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I Begot A Child With Ndingi Mwana Nzeki And He Must Be Included In Ndingi’s Inheritance.


Sarah Njogu, 25 years old video vixen and a model has taken a bold step to profusely claim the inheritance of the late Archbishop Ndingi Mwana Nzeki’s wealth.

The video vixen lady opines that she had married to the archbishop 10 years ago before she strangled the marriage vows after Ndingi was succumbed to health problems.

According to Sarah, the two had already begotten a child, Kelly, who is now 5 years.

Her instagram handle is this

“It is evident that I was married to Ndingi Mwana Nzeki and we even had a child” she said through her Instagram timeline.

The lady claims a half of the Ndingi’s wealth since the time the two departed, it is alleged that Ndingi kept off from protruding a hand of help for the upkeep of the child.

Archbishop Ndingi Mwana a’Nzeki passed on yesterday

I do not believe in imported gods, but if I am to buy one, I’d choose the god of Ndingi Mwana a’Nzeki

Of my little interactions with the men of cloth, I’ve had an opportunity to shake hands and have a brief conversation with this deceased ecclesiastic

We met at the white igloos also known as IDP camps that housed thousands of Kenyans during the 20078 PEV

That was after an election was bungled when the man who headed the electoral body, one Samuel Kivuitu, stated explicitly that he did not know who had won the elections, but still went ahead to declare Kibaki, the winner

May Kivuitu’s soul RIP (rust in pieces)

The catholic church (or Ndingi in person) ran some humanitarian organisation and this was his mission at the camp, that coincided with my visit to the camp, when I had gone to visit my friend Daniel Chege

He was driven in a gray Toyota RAV 4. He alighted and mingled freely with everyone. The humility in him was extremly rare of kirkman who are known to be flamboyant, boisterous, noisy and full of pride

The simplicity and modesty in him mirrored what I had read about his counterpart Maurice Cardinal Otunga, who died earlier

At the time of his death Otunga’s only possession, was a bible and a few personal belongings. He did not have even a bank account

This was a remarkable achievement in world where everyone is in a race to use their influence to amass wealth procedurally or unprocedurally

With some friends in the camp, I had an opportunity to shake his hands and we also had a brief conversation mostly about the humanitarian crisis at the camp that was housing tens of thousands of displaced families

Again during the agitation for multipartism and restoration of democracy, in the early 90s, when everyone had bent for a tyrant called Moi to ride on their back, very few people gathered the audacity to stand straight and challenge the status quo

Among them were a handful of churchmen, Timothy Njoya, my uncle John Henry Okullu, Alexander Kipsang Muge, Ndingi Mwana a’Nzeki and a few others

If his god has a heaven, he should reserve a place for Mwana a’Nzeki

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