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I’m 3Months Pregnant Of Governor Lonyangapuo’s Child And I’m Ready To Go For A DNA Test ~ Esther Wairimu.


Esther Wairimu has sensationally claimed that the West Pokot Governor John Lonyangapuo has been screwing her for fairly two years.

The two agreed to keep the matter secret at least going by the marriage rules and standards, a married man or woman shouldn’t irk a neck to a another person in favor of a love relationship.

According to Wairimu, Governor Lonyangapuo’s mood changed after the lady claimed that she was three months pregnant, and story hinted to the professor at the wrong angle.

It is alleged that the professor cajoled Wairimu to abort, but seemingly, the lady declined, prioritising her health status and the tremendous effects related to abortion.

The west Pokot Governor, decided to untimely end the relationship without a proper procedure, a situation that led to misunderstandings between the two.

According to Wairimu, the governor defiled offering her money for basic upkeep and she couldn’t withstand the mess.

“I resorted to social media and exposed the governor because that was the only hope remaining to me” she opined.

There is this organ, the only one in a human body that comes with it’s own head, the nuclear warhead

With a head of his own, the organ reasons independently, and it’s decisions must not be in tandem with that of the main head

Each time this small head makes a move, the other head, the normal head takes a leave, just like the many gods, local and imported are all missing in action since coronavirus knocked the door

This small head has really messed up many a promiment man’s reputation, from Bill Clinton to Baba Deno to Baba Abby to Opondo Kaluma to Justice Sankale Kantai, who couldn’t untie himself from the web, with the ease of his namesake Kantai whom we are told can tie and untie a tie, as much as he wishes

The latest victim of this head is Lonyangapuo, the professor of applied mathematics who is the serving governor of West Pokot County

The otherwise, the witty governor has run into headwinds after his lover allegedly shared his lewed and nude photos showing his one eyed omieri and screenshots of their intimate dialogue, in social media

Luckily, Kenyans love scandalous leaders and such a scandal doesn’t injure his political prospects in any way, in fact he is now a presidential material

At least the governor has provided some comic relief and a distraction from the coronavirus related stress

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